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Month: April 2018

8 Weight Loss & Belly Fat Resources

HOW TO GET RID OF BELLY FAT Belly fat is an uninvited guest that can lead to some pretty horrid health problems.  Banish the muffin top and start to feel fit and fantastic with these simple steps.   EXERCISES TO LOSE BELLY FAT Belly be gone, with simple exercises that will help rid the bulge and gain the muscle.   HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT QUICKLY Get a grip and regain control of the belly fat.  How does mind and body have a connection to the jiggle around the middle!   EXCERCISES TO LOSE BELLY FAT FOR...

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Is Your Teen Getting Romantic? Dire Info for Boys About Girls

If your teenage son has female romance on the brain, you’ll want to share some girl-savvy advice, sooner than later. Like, probably now—especially if he’s entering or already in high school. Chances are your pubescent boy has heard things from friends and from social-media outlets in regards to girls, dating, making out, petting, and (yep, it’s true…) “going all the way”. Teens will be teens, as we were once, and we know what’s on their minds a large portion of the day. It can be a couple of awkward conversations with your kid, but wouldn’t you rather chime in...

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Why Exercising to Lose Weight is a Myth

There’s no denying the science that the relationship between caloric-input and caloric-output affect weight, whether it’s maintaining, gaining, or losing. When it comes to biological truisms, there’s no way to debate the facts. How and what we input and output makes all the difference. The Science In their article, Why You Shouldn’t Exercise to Lose Weight, Julia Belluz and Javier Zarracina point to a large number of studies in order to present a justification for the title of their piece. One such study goes back to 1958 where researcher Max Wishnofsky outlined a rule to the “calories-in, calories-out” theory. Many...

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Do You Know What Your Health Score Really Is?

Health management is not only about your overall physical wellness. It is about your overall well-being. What does that mean? Glad you asked! This means that you should focus on: Mental, emotional, and your physical well-being Measuring your relationships Social connections Goals Financial security Once you can identify your health score, then you will know where you fall short and make improvements. In so doing, you will become the ideal version of who you should be. Blood Pressure and BMI Your health score will include your blood pressure reading and your BMI (body mass index). These are the two...

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Choosing Assisted Living For A Parent With Dementia

Numerous people have been fortunate to have loving parents who cared for their wellbeing, whilst growing up.  What happens when this role is reversed and the parent needs looking after?  Over 15 million people in the U.S care for their elderly parents each year, with half of that number having a parent who experiences some form of dementia.  What signs are an indication that it is time to seriously consider placing a parent in an assisted living environment?   The healthcare becomes too much for the caregiver to manage. Home safety has become an issue with hazardous scenarios like:...

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