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Month: March 2018

A Complete Guide to Important Vitamins and Minerals

You already know, essential nutrients in our diet are important for our overall wellbeing. And, we’ve all heard that a diet rich in important vitamins and minerals has significant health benefits.  However, knowing which foods are rich in nutrients and what each nutrient does is also of great value. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to the most important vitamins and minerals. I’m So Confused! What Does This All Mean? It can be extremely confusing when various sources say, “Eat this”, “Drink that”, or “Take this supplement.” Oftentimes, we have no idea why certain ingestibles are forced our way—for...

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Red Wine is Good For You, Isn't It?

Red wine is good for us, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves after scanning articles which boast its health benefits.  This fuzzy knowledge of the scientific facts, allows us to indulge without guilt.  “Red wine has health benefits”, we whisper to ourselves, therefore I can have my third glass, safe in the understanding its good for me, or is it? Do we really know the facts when it comes to the health benefits of red wine? The answer is often mumbled incoherently, “yeah, red wine is good for you heart…. blah, blah, blah”.  One of the most famous...

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Proper Sitting Posture is Seriously Important: Here's How

Proper sitting posture can make or break your day. Your posture can directly affect your mood, health, and productivity. When the majority of Americans currently sit an average of 13 hours a day, it’s time to speak up and sit up. Are We Sitting on the Truth? The truth is that good posture is essential to our overall health. Hence, how we stand and carry our bodies around affects our muscles, joints, bones, breathing, digestion, appearance, and more. However, proper sitting posture can be even more detrimental. Notably, this is especially true for those of us who spend more...

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Is Childhood Obesity Your Mom’s Fault?

According to a recent study, moms who are overweight tend to feed their children more often—and fill up their plates more. This behavior increases the risk for childhood- and future adult obesity. Please, May I Have Some More? Today’s world seems to have such a disparity between childhood starvation and childhood obesity. Neither is healthy—or fair to the child. The particular study that observed the behaviors of overweight and obese mothers was out of the University of Florida. Of the 29 obese women in the study, researchers concluded that they all assumed their children were hungrier than they were....

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Ergonomic Furniture to Improve Posture and Boost Health

Have you ever seen a toddler walking around with bad posture? As we get older or stuck behind a desk, we often develop lousy sitting habits. This affects our body, how we stand, and our ability to move comfortably. Alas, ergonomic furniture may be the key to helping improve your posture and, in turn, boosting your health. The Power of Gravity If you think about it, it takes energy for us to hold our bodies upright. We’ve got the weight of gravity constantly pushing down on us. It’s almost as if we need to be mindful of how we...

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