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Month: February 2018

Are You Having Trouble Losing Fat? Then, You’re Probably Not Eating Enough Protein

How come you’re on a diet and you’re not seeing the spare tire shrink? There can be several possible reasons why. First and foremost, one explanation can be that you’re not eating enough protein. Read on and learn about how to choose and add certain foods to help lose belly fat. More in the Middle In general, when people gain weight, the fat gets distributed to all parts of the body. However, certain types of behaviors can cause fat to get disposed, plunk, right in the middle. Stressing out, losing lots of sleep, and eating too much sugar are...

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What Comes First—The Stress or the Extra Weight? And How to Make Them Go Away

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of stress in our lives. But, when it takes a toll in our bodies, we’re more apt to take action. How do you lose belly fat when you’re anxious all the time? Conversely, is my extra weight causing a lot of my anxiety? Let’s examine some causes and symptoms, and take it from there. After that, we can review some sure-fire ways to help reduce stress and unwanted pounds. It’s a Vicious Cycle… Scenario #1) You’re feeling stressed out from work or your situation at home. You grab some candy, a cookie, or something...

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3 Key Exercises to Soothe Your Sore Back

An aching back is zero fun—Here are three exercises to soothe, strengthen, and rejuvenate. The Core Problem Many times the origin of back pain comes from a weak core. Strengthening back and core muscles can help you avoid soreness and injury in the future. In the meanwhile, our objective is to get rid of pain. Certain yoga moves can be essential to recreating a healthy spine. Some of the most common complaints are soreness, stiffness, and aches in the back, neck, and shoulders. Common causes of these complaints are from stress. (Breathing deeply during the exercises will help release...

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The Pros and Cons of HIIT vs LISS Exercising Styles

These two opposing styles of exercise, High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) and Low-Intensity Steady State (L.I.S.S.) cardio are hot right now in the world of fitness. Which one is better? Which one will get you the best results? What are some of the pros and cons? Read more below and find out. What Is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. A HIIT workout, stems from two main principles:   Alternate between short exercises and rest periods Exercise periods are quick all-out, 100% intense bursts of effort   For example, you can sprint on a treadmill as fast as...

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3 Simple Steps towards Healthier Foods

1. Be Alert – Healthier A new study shows that the brighter the room, the more alert you are. Researchers discovered that when you’re more alert, you chose healthier foods. 2. Dining Room Lighting The authors of this study observed the eating habits of 160 restaurant patrons to start. Those who picked healthier foods off the menu were those in well-lit rooms. In fact, those diners were almost 25% more likely to choose, let’s say, grilled fish over fried chicken with gravy. It was discovered that healthier options were chosen because the light was brighter. In the dimly-lit room,...

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