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Month: January 2018

Magnesium for Sleep May Finally Get You the Rest You Need

Forty percent of Americans claim they suffer from insomnia. Within that number, there is a large percentage of people who regularly have trouble sleeping. Alas, a natural supplement may just be the ticket you need to slumber throughout the night. As a result, magnesium for sleep may help your body and mind get the rest it needs. Tic, Tock, Tic, Tock…Why Can’t I sleep? There are many reasons why someone may experience insomnia. Some of the most prevalent are: Anxiety from day-to-day concerns Chronic stress from emotional trauma Clinical depression Physical Pain Too much caffeine Alcohol use Medications Eating...

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Are You Wasting Calories in Your Drinks? Beverage Suggestions To Help You Lose Weight

It’s not just soda that packs on the pounds. A glass of orange juice can deliver over 20 grams of sugar and 100 calories. That frozen mocha latte (even without the whipped cream) can set you back by 450 calories. If you keep track of what you ingest, pay special attention to your beverages. Why waste calories when you could be sparing, still feed yourself nutritionally, and lose weight? Water, Really? Yes, and you know it. Zero calories. That’s right. Instead of a glass of cranberry juice cocktail, you could eat some blueberries, a strawberry, a couple of almonds,...

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How to Lose Weight Quickly, Reduce Anxiety and Shed Pounds

Most of us live in a fast-paced, high-pressured society. If fact, in the U.S.,  there are over 40 million people suffering from anxiety and/or depression disorder. If you’re wondering how to lose weight quickly, one avenue to explore (aside from diet and exercise) is to focus on stress-reduction. Weight-Loss Fads With the number of people needing to drop pounds for good health, the search for the perfect diet is ever-continuous. Consequently, this has created a multimillion dollar industry with weight loss fads and trends that are always changing as well. The bottom line is that in order to see...

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7 negative effects of Acetaminophen

Is Acetaminophen Safe? Details That May Surprise You Acetaminophen is regularly prescribed (and available over-the-counter) as a pain-reliever. We know that improper and overuse of Tylenol and other brand and generic versions of acetaminophen can potentially cause liver damage. What reporter Lecia Bushak explores are multiple other studies that point to possibly seven other negative effects from using the drug. Acetaminophen may cause more harm than good 1) …reduce your ability to feel positive or negative. A team at Ohio State studied the drug’s ability to reduce empathy. The team’s leader, Baldwin Way, hypothesized that acetaminophen may dull a...

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Issues You Must Discuss with Your (Aging) Parents

If your parents are like most, they probably haven’t broached the topic of their inevitable decline as self-caretakers. It’s important to try and put aside all the fear, sadness, anxiety, etc.  Consequently, it’s necessary that you (as the remaining child or children) know how to help your folks keep safe, healthy, and financially stable. Living Alone If your parent is living alone, you might consider “technological” care. This would include light sensors (inside and out), video cameras, and learning how to dial 911 on a cell phone. Also, many caretakers and children of elderly folks work with the local...

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