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Month: September 2017

First Gene-Therapy Treatment For Cancer Approved!

Cancer is one of the utmost debilitating and deadly epidemics of our time. Our ability to treat and/or cure certain types of cancer has significantly improved over the years; however, there remains room for better, more effective methods. The recent approval of gene therapy for leukemia may be an incredible breakthrough in how we will soon, and more successfully, fight the disease. What is Gene Therapy? Until recently, gene therapy was only in an experimental phase. The technique uses a patient’s own genes and “teaches” cells how to combat a disorder. It’s a part of the field of immunotherapy,...

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Sweet Surprise: Is Cutting Out Sugar From Your Diet Helpful or Harmful?

Sugar has been considered an enemy to so many Americans. It has been blamed for diabetes and obesity. We are all aware that too much sugar isn’t good for anyone, but is it best to cut back on sugar, or eliminate it from your diet altogether? It may come as a surprise, but there are various types of sugar, which include: Lactose Glucose Maltose Fructose Sucrose You would mostly find fructose, glucose, and lactose in fruits and vegetables. There are many foods that contain added sugar, added by manufacturers to improve the flavor of the food. Sweet Tooth Sources...

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Tattooing Turtles Taboo?

Conservation groups having taken to tattooing endangered tortoises to keep them from being desirable on the black market. Engraved Shells The beautiful ploughshare tortoise is the most endangered in the world. It lives in Madagascar and has been poached by many, mostly Asians, illegally -some have paid up to $50,000 for the shell. The Madagascan government has begun engraving the shells so fewer collectors will seek them out. Tattoo Time The older turtles can handle the engraving without pain. The younger ones, however, are too sensitive. Unfortunately, the younger tortoises are also more in demand and need protection. So,...

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How Many Steps Each Day For Best Health?

It’s not uncommon these days to hear a friend, family member, or co-workers exclaim, “I have to get my 10,000 steps in today!” That seems to be the number everyone has set for a goal. According to varying sources, however, that may not be enough. Too Many to Think About? Too Much to Lose if You Don’t 10,000 sounds like an awfully huge number—especially when it comes to steps. It almost sounds as if you kept stepping in a straight line, you might be able to get to the next state before the end of the day. But the...

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Tips for Eating a Healthy Breakfast On the Go

Most of us lead busy lives. And many think this means there is no time to eat the right foods for a healthy lifestyle. However, eating does not have to be sitting around a table and dining for hours. If you are strapped for time, of course, you have to eat, but why not do so while in traffic on your way to work or elsewhere? With a little planning and creative thinking, you can make eating a healthy breakfast a priority and a possibility…and here are some tips on how to make this happen. 1. Plan Ahead Be...

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