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Month: August 2017

Superbug? Open and say, “Oh, no!”

As many as 179 patients may have been exposed to a drug-resistant strain of bacteria – known as a superbug – during endoscopic procedures at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center last week due to the difficulty in sterilizing a complicated piece of medical equipment. What happened? Two duodenscopes inserted down patients’ throats to diagnose and treat pancreatic and bile duct issues may have exposed patients to carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae even though they had been cleaned according to manufacturer’s specifications, according to Reuters. The two instruments have been removed from service and other equipment is now being more rigorously decontaminated,...

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Eat Your Way to a Great Night’s Sleep

Unfortunately, many of us have difficulty sleeping (without interruption) throughout the night. Sure, little ones, pets, and noisy neighbors can prevent a peaceful slumber. But, what about the other culprit? That’s right, FOOD. What you eat can make or break your solid night’s sleep. Good Sleep is Not an Option Up to 40% of adults claim to have occasional insomnia. This is simply unacceptable. A good night’s sleep (regularly) is a necessity. It provides clearer skin, improved mental clarity, a stronger immune system, amongst many other health benefits. There are several different factors that can aid you in reaping...

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Is Food or Romance More Rewarding?

If you’re hungry, you desire food. But if you’re hungry, will you necessarily desire sex? A new study reveals that women are more romantically motivated when their hunger has already been satiated. Working Together The brain’s reward center is motivated by the promise of food, sex, money, and brain-altering chemicals. The research compiled by the doctorate candidate and her team shows that each of those domains influences the other. What This Could Mean… is that in terms of addiction or the need for moderation, one element of the brain reward center can be used to motivate another. Perhaps a...

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Is Meditation a Replacement for Student Discipline?

We’ve already outlawed the ineffective and inhumane practice of beating students as a form of punishment for bad behavior. Should detention be dismissed as a “lesson in behavior” as well? It seems that schools that are implementing meditation, yoga, and mindfulness are reporting boosted grades and better behaviors. Let’s explore their success… Social Media Following A short video on Facebook highlighting the benefits of meditation practice at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School has been circulating as of late. The trending video is not brand new, but the message may be for many. The West Baltimore school is one of...

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Lydia Baba Bio

  Lydya Baba is a Graphic Designer and Freelance Content Writer. She is a hybrid of Fun and Reading. She loves researching and sharing new found knowledge to the world. She is currently a freelance content writer for WealthBankers Job Arena, a website that provides employers a place to post jobs.    ...

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