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Month: July 2017

Can We Make Vacations Last Longer?

Evidence proves that there are ways to make the happiness derived from our vacations last longer than the trip. Planning Makes Perfect It’s suggested that planning ahead adds an anticipatory effect to your trip. Choosing a place that is unique to your taste also makes a difference. Being on a budget is fine; any money spent on an experience allows the vacation to live on through storytelling and conversation. Start to Finish Start your trip the simplest and most relaxed you can manage. Studies show that people who remember their trips the fondest recall the beginning as being great. The same premise exists for...

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For The Love of Coffee: A Story for the Heart

Caffeine Kickers What is the one thing you need to get going in the morning? If you said coffee, then you agree with millions of other Americans who frequent local coffee chains and shops every morning. Caffeine can have a lot of negative side effects; It can keep us from getting rest and adequate sleep. It can cause us to eat more, and it can even stain our teeth. But a new study shows that coffee might actually help us prevent heart disease. Moderation is Everything New studies show that a moderate consumption of coffee each day may decrease the...

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Mental and Physical Health and Effective Working Relationships

Effective working relationships are paramount to business and personal success. So, what makes for building, achieving, and maintaining effectual working interactions and partnerships? After analyzing published material from professionals, experts, and authorities on the topic, we discovered that mental and physical health is the primary factor. The Marriage of Mental and Physical Health If anyone claims that mental health does not affect physical health (and vice versa), it would certainly require serious challenging. Basically, it’s impossible to separate the body from the mind. When mental health suffers, so does the body. Conversely, the good news is that when we...

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Are Both Mental and Physical Health Crucial to Success?

Does success mean merely reaching a goal, or does it including maintaining it? When our lives and work are thriving, that may be a more specific definition to the term “success.” If so, then, certainly, in order to attain and maintain success, both physical and mental health are crucial. One Without the Other Here are the real questions: Can we be physically healthy if our mental state is unhealthy? Alternately, can we be mentally healthy if our physical state is unhealthy? Not really. So, the reality is—in order to be successful, it is crucial that both our bodies and...

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Top Foods With More Sugar Than a Donut

Whether you are trying to lose weight or you just want to limit the sugar, there are foods out there littered with the sweet stuff – and you may be surprised at how many “healthy” products have more sugar than your average donut. The average person worldwide consumes over 70 grams of sugar per day, which is the equivalent of about 17 teaspoons. Most individuals do not even realize they are consuming so much sugar, because it is added into everyday products that most would assume don’t contain any additives. Which Foods Have More Sugar Than a Donut? You...

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