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Month: June 2017

Want to Take a Break from Alcohol? Ways to Make Changes and Still Have Fun!

Been a bit sluggish or fuzzy—for like, three…to, maybe, …fifteen years? Do you hear a little voice whisper almost every morning, “Hey, today’s the day we don’t have a glass or eight of wine.” These are just a couple of reasons you might want some tips on how to wean yourself off of habitual alcohol partaking. Easy Dose It Other reasons for needing to cut back (or cut yourself off) are for medical-related conditions. Perhaps your new religion, new potential spouse, or old friends and family frown upon your indulgent-enjoyment of libations. Maybe you’re simply ready for a move...

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Too Busy to Keep up with Greens? Here’s a Smoothie Sure to Satisfy

Getting bored or fickle with your plant-based diet? Do you sometimes look in the fridge or pantry and nothing looks enticing? Perhaps it’s time to mix-it-up a bit. There’s an outstanding green smoothie that’s an oldie but a goodie. It’s a 10-minute prep and blend, and promises to delight in flavor and nutritional satisfaction. New York Times bestselling author Angela Liddon has invented 100’s of vegan recipes, but there’s one kitchen sink-type drink full of veggies that promises to keep you feeling sated for hours. Its ingredients were chosen specifically by Liddon to create a perfect shake; it doesn’t...

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Foster Parenting: Is It Right For Me?

Did you know May is National Foster Care Month? No? Don’t feel bad, plenty of Americans fall into this category. But everyone wins when we at least take the time to learn more about how foster care works. Many children in the foster care system have been thrown away. Some were born to parents unable to care for them due to addictions or poor life choices, while others have parents who may be incarcerated. In some cases children were subjected to abuse or neglect. These represent just a few of the reasons children are placed into foster care, but...

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When Tragedy Strikes: Tips For Making it a Little Better

As we age, it’s understandable that we will be faced with situations that will require our condolences—illness, death, divorce—unpleasant turns in life where our family or friends will need our support. Some people are comfortable offering comfort and seem to know the “right” things to say. Then there are others of us who feel awkward and just don’t know what to say or do. Here are some pointers on how to approach or help your grieving relative or friend: Let’s cover the “Don’t” list first… 1. Don’t ignore the situation, especially if you are close to the person who...

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Exercise That’s Good for Your Knees and Hips

As we age, we tend to complain more about physical pain. A couple of common areas are our hips and knees. Believe it or not, however, a new study has revealed that recreational running may be of benefit to those parts of our body. No Competition A study, which reviewed data from over 100,000 runners from all over the world, showed that those who ran for recreation reaped several benefits. One, of course, was improved heart health. The other discovery, however, was that fewer developed hip or knee osteoarthritis than those who were sedentary or ran competitively. In fact,...

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