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Month: May 2017

Study Finds New Way to Beat Postpartum Depression

After giving birth, many women suffer from depression; it’s a very real, scary, and, unfortunately, common condition. A new study reveals that “mindfulness” training and classes during pregnancy reduce symptoms of postpartum depression. It may sound hokey, but there are a few reasons why this method may be substantiated. During Labor Research, last year, out of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center revealed that reduced pain during labor is linked to reduced risk for postpartum depression. Women who had opted for an epidural had a lesser chance of becoming depressed after giving birth. That study wasn’t necessarily suggesting women...

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Are Autoimmune Diseases Linked to Dementia?

Researchers set out to understand if there is any link to autoimmune disorders and eventual increased risk for dementia. With an estimated number of approximately 5-million Americans having dementia, it’s no wonder scientists are scrambling for causes, preventions, and cures. One recent study sheds light on some valuable connections regarding possible pre-cursors to the future onset of dementia. Linking Increased Risks The findings from a study on autoimmune diseases and dementia were published March 2017 in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. Data was collected from almost 2 million adults who had been hospitalized, at least once, for...

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The Relationship Between Your Mouth and Your Body

The mouth is just the body part that you use to consume food and does nothing else, right? Recent studies conducted by Ph.Ds argue against that. Perhaps, our mouth may be more associated with our overall health than we think. Our mouths play a large role in our health and hygiene outside of the oral area. In fact, our mouths have a close relationship with our skeletal, nervous, respiratory, circulatory systems. Here are some of the ways our oral health can affect us: Our Mouths and Back Pain As some of us may know, different organs in different systems...

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How to Feed Your Kids Nutritiously

In America today, most parents will say they want to feed their family nutritiously. According to surveys, however, there is an on going struggle with giving our kids healthy foods—for various reasons. Other adults admit they’re not sure what foods are good or bad. Here, we’ll try to clarify some confusion and offer some suggestions. What The Parents Are Saying A national poll on children’s health out of the University of Michigan’s Children’s Hospital showed that most parents think their children should be fed nutritiously. However, only one-third of the parents who participated in the poll felt they were...

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Can Soy Protect Against Cancer?

For a while there were concerns about soy being linked as a cause of breast cancer. Those rumors have been put to rest and found to be invalid. Now, however, research is showing that soy is not only safe, but it may help protect against particular types of cancer. The Soy Debates One of the great things about soy is that it’s one of the very few plant-based foods that provides protein. It also contains a wealth of amino acids that contribute to supporting a body’s vital functions. The confusion with soy’s safety emerged because it is also found...

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