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Month: April 2017

10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

We’ve all been there—projects, deadlines, laundry and dishes piling up, workout a-waiting, kids needing rides and help with homework… We start out the day Superhero strong, and by noon some of us have pooped-out like weaklings. It’s no wonder so many of us suffer from a daily energy crisis. Instead of reaching for your fifth cup of coffee or that unnatural  “natural energy” drink, there are other ways to resolve your physical and mental effort to remain conscious—and even productive! The following 10 tips will hopefully offer you doldrum-rebound strategies. (Some may seem like common sense, but a few...

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Can Blood Be a Treatment for an Ailing Brain?

A recent study has opened a new dialogue about how blood interacts with the brain. Blood from human umbilical cords may not be the key to preventing or reversing dementia in people, but it worked for lab mice. Three Brainy Mice Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine experimented with giving human plasma to mice. Specifically, they gave very young blood, from umbilical cords. The mice that received the plasma were old. The original study was conducted by infusing young mouse blood into older mice. The results showed interesting promise in the area of the brain. The older mice...

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Do Big Companies Understand We Want to Be Healthier?

Over the past few years, smaller, localized food brands have capitalized on shopper preferences. Large, global, consumer-goods makers have had little to no growth within their business. Finally, understanding that the consumer wants to be healthier, big companies are reformulating many of their products. The Big Boys are Realizing Where the Money’s Going The Consumer Goods Forum has a membership of about 400 retailers, manufacturers, and consumer service providers. According to one of their recent reports, about 100 companies within the forum reformulated over 175,000 products to be “healthier.” These companies included powerhouses like Nestle and Proctor and Gamble....

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Are Insecticides Creating Behavioral Disorders in Children?

The number of children diagnosed with neurological and behavior disorders has increased exponentially over the years. There are so many chemical-based products in existence that it’s tough to pinpoint which ones may be toxic. In the meanwhile, a new French study hones in on one potentially dangerous element—insecticides. Flying Under the Radar A recent study suggests there is a direct link between insecticides and “abnormal” behavior in children. There is a commonly used group of insecticides called pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are mostly used on crops, but they are evident in some mosquito repellents as well as shampoo for lice. These...

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7 Essential Tips How to Improve Your Mental Health at Work

Mental health affects how you think, feel, and act. On the job, your mental health needs to be in good, solid shape. If you suspect your mental health has been taking a toll, there are ways to boost your mental energy. Here are 7 essential tips on how to improve your mental health at work. Monu-mental Stress The greatest factor affecting stable and satisfactory mental health is stress—both at work and at home. Whatever the cause, your experience of stress can negatively affect your employment, relationships, and physical health. In order to improve your outlook and consequent behavior, you’ll...

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