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Month: March 2017

6 Parenting Tips to Manage Discipline Successfully

The word discipline may have a negative connotation, but it’s actually something useful and necessary. Great outcomes can emerge from effective discipline. Parents often become overwhelmed by the prospect of disciplining their children. Fret no more! Below are 6 simple tips to help manage your child’s behavior successfully. When parenting, it makes sense that our goal is to increase our children’s positive behavior. At the same time, we want to deter or decrease negative behavior. When observing and defining behavior, take care to be specific. Saying your kid is “acting like a brat” is general, subjective, and won’t help...

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Is Pot Better For Pain Than Pills?

Medical marijuana has a wealth of benefits for people with pain. Although doctors prescribe opioid medication for extreme discomfort, a recent study showed that patients actually preferred cannabis. Does this mean pot works better? Weed-ing out Some Facts Cannabis (in plant form) and cannabis oil offer health merits such as helping with glaucoma, pain management, and improving appetite. Cannabidiol Extract (CBD) is a chemical compound in marijuana, but without the THC. THC is psychoactive; CBD oil doesn’t get you high. Cannabidiol essential oil has an incredibly long list of health advantages without undesirable side effects. Pain relief and decreased...

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Spice up Your Brain Cells!

A lot of folks are hearing about how certain spices (besides adding flavor) flaunt healing qualities! But did you know that there are several natural compounds that actually protect our brain cells from degeneration? Check out how certain spices may help create new treatments for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Cooking up New Methods Dementia is an irreversible, pervasive affliction that currently affects over 25 million people globally. The condition is progressive, and our methods of treatment are: 1) dealing with symptoms, and 2) attempting ways to keep degeneration at bay for as long as possible. Alzheimer’s Disease is...

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Say “Yes” to Beet Juice!

Every week there’s a new trendy Superfood advertised in markets or on social media. Beets, however, specifically red beetroots, have been a prominent health veggie for generations. It’s more recent that the many powerful benefits of drinking the juice have come to light. Beet-ween You and I Beets are an incredibly nutrient-dense vegetable. My Polish grandmother boiled them in with many of her cultural dishes. Our Russian neighbor made the most delicious Borsht soup. It was a tad sour, but she added a bit of bacon into the bowl, and that made it more appealing and flavorful. Beets can...

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Study Shows Promise for Autistic Adults

Currently, there is no specific medication or “cure” for those on the autism spectrum. There is also no specific, definitive cause for all cases of autism. There is, however, research showing that single-gene disorders appear to affect 15-20% of those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A recent study has identified a protein in a single-gene disorder that may be the cause of many of the ASD symptoms and behaviors. Talking Genetics Some people on the spectrum have a single-gene genetic disorder. Some of these include Angleman syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, and other chromosomal disorders. Fragile X (FXS)...

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