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Month: February 2017

Sugar is Hiding—And Out to Get You

No one wants to read that sugar is evil. You’ve heard it, you’ve seen it, and you want to ignore it. The unfortunate truth is that sugar is out to get you. Even when you try to stop adding it to your diet, chances are it’s hiding and will creep into your food or drink when you least expect it. Reviewing the Evil Factors Again, sugar is sweet and can be enjoyable. In fact, it can be addictive. That’s one of the main reasons we find ways to ignore giving it up. In order to remove pressure, let’s just...

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Why You Must De-Stress Now (And How)

Is there anyone who enjoys feeling stressed out? Maybe we feel that way so frequently that we associate stress with our commonplace state. It doesn’t have to be that way, nor should it. In fact, if you plan on being healthy and living a long life, your only hope is to start de-stressing now. Whole Lotta Stressin’ Going On Yes, many of us are burning the candle at both ends. We’re trying to make a living, build a career, take care of our family, our health, our community, and the list goes on. Then there are those of us...

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How Yoga Heals Your Brain and Body

If you’ve ever practiced yoga or know anyone who does, the physical benefits are indisputable. Posture becomes improved, aches diminish, and overall flexibility resumes. But did you ever think about how this ancient practice of “holding positions” results in enormous positive shifts in physical health as well and attitude, mood, and brain power? Yoga’s healing power on your brain and body and are simply based in science. Let’s Begin Simply One of the beautiful things about yoga is that, in essence, it is a simple practice. The perfection of achieving a pose—and then staying focused to maintain it—is the...

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Why Your Gut Microbiome Should Be a Priority

Your gut communicates with your brain. It’s true. In fact, your gut is your brain’s executive assistant, constantly taking and sending important messages. It’s for this reason, that for optimum health, you must make maintenance of your gut microbiome a priority. What is My Gut Microbiome? A microbiome is the place where microorganisms live and hopefully thrive. It’s like a mini-ecosystem. Your gut is an environment where microbes can either flourish along with each other—or duke it out. Balance is crucial. Gut bacteria, which is an essential part of your microbiome, can either increase your well-being or, conversely, play...

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More Danger Linked to Eating Red Meat

Although there have already been plenty of reports encouraging the avoidance or decrease of red meat consumption, there’s one more to add to the list.  Men, in particular, who eat a considerable amount of red meat are at higher risk of developing a painful, chronic colon condition. What We Already Know The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend a variety of foods, mostly plant-based. Ideally, one’s plate would be half vegetables and fruits, a quarter whole grains and legumes, and a quarter protein. Unfortunately, many Americans are still plating up unprocessed red meats (burgers and steaks) as their protein of...

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