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Month: January 2017

Dressings to Keep You Fit and Healthy

So often we feel like we’re eating well because we’ve ordered a healthy salad with organic greens and protein. But, alas, once you’ve dumped that processed, creamy ranch, blue cheese, or Caesar dressing on top, you’ve added unhealthy ingredients and a ton of bad fat. Just because some dressing out of a bottle or a squeeze pouch may be unfitting, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid adding flavor and fun to your salads, chips, snacks, and dipping veggies. Below we’ve compiled some nutritious and delicious recipes. Now you can enhance your healthy plate without guilt or concern. Fresh...

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Healthy, Unique Snack Selections that Help Burn Fat

Snacks are good—if they are healthy. Snacking can actually help you burn fat faster than if you skip eating when you’re hungry. Choosing the right foods will offer a great selection for your snacking pleasure. Exercise isn’t the only way to burn fat. Eating the proper combination of healthy foods increases metabolism. Boosting metabolism burns calories at a more rapid rate, even when you’re sleeping. So don’t be hesitant to snack if you truly feel hungry. First, try some water (because many times we confuse hunger with thirst.) If after you drink, your body is genuinely asking for fuel,...

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Why Multitasking Isn’t Mindful At All

If you’ve tried multitasking but the concept isn’t working for you—that may be a good thing. Taking mindful action on a singular task turns out to be far more productive and rewarding. In fact, multitasking can actually have negative, (even long-term) effects on your brain. Mind Your Business Many of us think that we’re saving time doing several things all at the same time. And for some, there’s a feeling of accomplishment getting a few tasks done simultaneously. A handful of studies, however, are negating positive results from multitasking. They are proving it isn’t the way to achieve optimum...

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Structured Exercise Helps Kids Behave Better

It’s no secret that exercise reduces stress and helps relieve symptoms of depression in adults. So, why wouldn’t it follow suit to benefit kids the same? According to recent studies, structured exercise is showing to improve behavioral issues in youngsters. Working Out Some Problems Over the past decade, there has been much speculation and study based on exercise being a beneficial tool for kids, especially as students. Physically, movement is essential for overall health. However, it appears that exercise helps the brain, too. In the January 9th issue of the journal Pediatrics, there are two separate studies published in...

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Healthy Soups and Stews That Satisfy

There is nothing like a savory, tantalizing bowl of soup or stew on a chilly, rainy, or snowy day. Generally, tossing a bunch of veggies, meats, rice, or noodles into a pot isn’t challenging. Getting the flavor just right (and keeping it healthy) can be simple too! Here are a few recipes that should delight your palate, while keeping your body in optimum shape. All of the recipes are for approximately 4 servings. Veggie Curry Comfort Stew (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free) 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 large, diced onion 2 diced sweet potatoes 2 teaspoons of sea salt 1 tablespoon...

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