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Month: November 2016

Bring on the Holidays – But Leave out the Extra Weight

Eight easy tips to avoid holiday weight gain It’s inevitable, and you can’t avoid it.  We’re talking about the Holidays, not the weight gain!  There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself and feel good about still being able to celebrate each holiday without adding to your waistline.  You might think that this is about telling you to skip dessert, or alcohol, but the tips are actually to provide you with the freedom “to enjoy”. Some of us may spend holidays alone, or working, but for the most part, we spend them with family and friends.  Some will even...

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Surprising Treatment for Diabetes May Be “The Cure”

There are medical treatments available for Type-2 Diabetes that moderate blood sugar and help provide a “normal” lifestyle. What most of us don’t know is that there is a natural way to treat it—and may also finally cure it! Understanding Type-2 Diabetes Type-2 diabetes is something your body develops over time. It used to be called “late-onset diabetes.” That would be a misnomer nowadays because even adolescents are acquiring the disease. Common, available medical information explains that those who develop type-2 diabetes either cannot use insulin adequately or simply don’t produce enough insulin. But there may be more to...

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A Natural Disaster – The Situation in Haiti

Where is Haiti now? Weeks after the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, many individuals and organizations have come together to assist Haiti in many different ways.  Some brought medical supplies, tools and building materials, food, water, and clothing, while others arrived to help out in other ways. Haiti had limited access to health care, water and sanitation before the hurricane, and significant cases of cholera.  Since the disaster, residents are still desperate to find shelter, avoid disease and feed their families.  Trucks filled with food and medicines have been arriving in the bigger cities but remote areas remain barely touched,...

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Farmers Developing “Superbug” Infections

It’s already been established that farmers and workers at hog production facilities can acquire bacteria in their noses. A recent study, however, shows that they are actually at increased risk of infection. Many now have developed skin infections from “superbugs,” which, is a frightening predicament. What’s a Superbug? It’s not a real bug; it’s an indestructible form of bacteria. The superbug has emerged from the overuse of antibiotics. Bacteria has mutated and become more powerful with each line of antibiotic defense we’ve invented. What’s happened now is that the bug has become stronger than the medicine. The superbug has...

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Fun, After-Feasting, Calorie-Burning Activities

It’s always great fun indulging in our favorite foods at holiday meals. But guess what? It can also be fun shedding those calories! Here are some stress-free, playful ideas on how to burn off the stuffing in your belly. Thankful Eating As far as pleasurable experiences go, it’s tough to beat a Thanksgiving meal or treats at other food-plentiful holidays. The turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, cornbread, pies, and other cultural specialty dishes are too delicious to pass up. After the meal, we’re often exhausted from the tryptophan levels in our blood or from our bodies trying to digest everything....

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