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Month: October 2016

Cold or Cloudy? The Sun Can Still Harm Your Skin

Even through the clouds, UVA and UVB rays are shining through. In the fall and winter, it’s still just as crucial to protecting your skin from harmful rays. Here are some tips for keeping your skin healthy and young, despite those nasty rays. Above Your Head In the spring and summer, we tend to have more headwear options that protect your face. In the winter, you can’t get away with a straw, large-brimmed sombrero. It will either fly away or freeze and crack to pieces. Besides, it might look a bit silly out of season. You can get away...

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A Way to Decrease Asthma Attacks?

Researchers have long been confounded for the sharp increase in asthma cases. New studies, in the meanwhile, are looking for ways to decrease the number and severity of attacks. One such study has developed a theory and possible headway. Breathing Blunder Asthma has affected many people around the world. Swelling of the airways and/or chronic inflammation cause acute spasms in breathing passageways. Asthma is frightening, can be painful, and in worst cases deadly. In the past couple of decades, the number of cases has spiked significantly. Currently, there are about 300 million sufferers globally. Why Do Some People Have...

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Safer and Smarter Practices for Summer Sports

In generations past, parents used to send their children outside to play in nearly all types of weather. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, kids ran, biked, and swam in extreme conditions. When summer hits and temperatures soar, however, children are especially vulnerable to excessive heat. Common illnesses include heat stroke and dehydration. Although studies have shown that kids are no more likely to suffer a heat-related injury than an adult, children are also less likely to recognize the symptoms of these types of illnesses. What Is Heatstroke? Heat stroke is defined as a dramatic elevation of body temperature,...

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Supercharge- Know the Value of Productivity

Know the Value of Productivity Know the Value of Organization Declutter, Organize and Prepare Work in a clean and organized place- declutter and prepare for success! Make sure you have access to the right tools, passwords, files and references to ensure a headache free day. Here are some tools that may help: Agile Dashlane Planner Know the Value of the List Start thinking about tomorrow’s list the night or even the afternoon before, create your “to do” list at the end of the day when your mind is calming down just before bed. Usually, that’s when some of your best...

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