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Month: September 2016

Tattoos to Hide Scars?

Medical specialists providing tattoos can help scar victims from feeling self-conscious. There’s proof that this art can be wonderfully beneficial. True Tat A recent study out of the Netherlands showed that “medical tattoos” helped patients feel better about their appearance. Most of the professional, medical artwork was designed to hide unsightly scarring. The tattoos reduced stress in regards to patients’ preoccupation in the way their scars looked. Additionally, patients thought less about their scars. Cancer-surgery survivors benefitted the most from this artistic, medicinal procedure. The Dutch Study In the recent study out of the Netherlands, of the 56 patients...

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Human Trial for Zika Vaccine is Underway

A DNA-based vaccine has shown to have great success on monkeys. Testing on humans has begun. Monkey Business There are currently a few other human trials of other potential Zika vaccines underway. This particular DNA-based experiment is different because it protected monkeys from acquiring infection from the virus. Its effectiveness is very promising in humans since it was so successful on a lower primate species. Ted Pierson, chief of Viral Pathogenesis at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, reported the positive outcome from the monkey trial study. He stated that of the 18 primates who received...

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Ladies, Here’s Why We’re Yawning at Noon

A new study points out that women have more difficulty staying asleep than men… And gender difference in the human body clock is the reason why. Rock Around the Clock The research conducted out of Montreal; Canada showed that women’s circadian clocks operate at a quicker pace than men’s. Our circadian rhythm is the natural process that registers time for our greatest awake and sleep hours over the course of a day (24 hours). Because women’s internal clocks run faster, their clock is shifted earlier, eastward. This accounts for them not being able to remain in a deep sleep...

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Vasectomy Link to Cancer is Debunked

Many men have had concerns about getting a vasectomy due to previous research linking it to Prostate Cancer. A new, enormous study proves there is no connection between the two. Fear Ruled It is no wonder men have trepidation about the outpatient surgery. There are many misleading rumors about the procedure. In actuality, it’s safe, only takes about 20 minutes, isn’t very expensive, and the pain is minimal for a short time afterwards. And, it’s about 99% effective as a method of birth control. Another grave concern was the results of past reports claiming that vasectomies were linked to...

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