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Month: August 2016

Get Infected with Zika to Help Researchers Create Vaccine

Scientists are seeking volunteers willing to be injected with the Zika virus. A Shot of Courage The experiment is not solely based on making people sick. Scientists need information about how the virus acts in order to help create a vaccine. After the volunteers are injected, the researchers will track how the virus affects an otherwise healthy person. This particular study will commence this winter. In the meanwhile, there are two other possible vaccines that have been created but haven’t been thoroughly tested. Safety testing has already started. If they seem to be feasibly successful, the experimental phase will...

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Dangers of Flakka, Bath Salts, and other Synthetic Drugs

Dr. Dave Campbell discusses the Dangers of Synthetic Drug Use and Flakka After a Tragic Murder in Dr. Dave Campbell’s hometown, Dr. Dave discusses the dangers of Synthetic Drug use in America. As a  regular contributor to Morning Joe, Dr. Dave spoke about flakka and other synthetic drugs, which served as the catalyst to the tragic murders in Tequesta, FL last week. Show host, Joe Scarborough, invited Dr. Campbell on set to discuss the alarming emergence of synthetic drug availability in the United States. If you would like to see Dr. Dave Campbell’s Morning Joe segment, you can view it here....

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Say “No” to Flakka!

If you live in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, or New York you’ve probably heard of the devastating, synthetic drug called Flakka. Its effects on users and the innocent nearby can often be deadly, making it one of the worst epidemics ever. What is Flakka? Coined as the “Zombie-maker,” Flakka is a synthetic, man-made drug that looks like chunks of white crystals. It can be smoked, injected, or snorted. It gets its name from the Spanish slang “la flacca” meaning “beautiful woman.” Its chemical name is alpha-PVP. Another street name for the substance is “gravel” (because it looks like the rocks...

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Zika Is Spreading Through the US—Should You Worry?

It’s a precarious time because the Zika virus is in the U.S. and spreading. How should we react—Worry? Ignore? Panic? What the Experts Say February 1, 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Zika a public health emergency. Zika was first discovered in the 1940’s, but the outbreaks have been minimal throughout the decades. Also, the illness can be asymptomatic, so most likely, many cases have never been reported. Now, however, we understand that the consequences of contracting the virus can be dire. To date, over 60 countries have reported cases of Zika acquired from mosquito bites. Eleven countries...

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Can Pokemon-GO Be A Treatment for Obesity and Depression?

The new “video” game, Pokemon-GO, is getting people exercising and socializing—great treatments for obesity and depression. But will it have to staying power? Chasing Creatures Pokemon-GO is a game described as “augmented reality.” It’s an app you play on your mobile device. You find Pokemon creatures, catch them, and pit them against each other. To play, you must walk to various locations. Chances are many other people are playing and going to the same place. Exercise and socializing. Sounds like a fun way to combat depression and obesity. What’s amazing about this worldwide craze is that no one’s even...

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