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Month: June 2016

Hairstyle Updates with Sass

Bored with Your Hairstyle?  Find a hairstyle that is so radical that you literally earn a badge of courage if you dare try it. This has to be one of the most non-controversial, yet sophisticated and lovely eras for beautiful and manageable hair. The highlights are minimal but effective, and the cuts are simple but offer volume and versatility. The newest rage in simplicity is a haircut called the lob. It’s basically a long bob, which falls slightly between your chin and shoulder blade. Most of the hair is similar in length, but the way it’s modestly highlighted and...

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Mad, Sad about Terrorist Acts?

How to Manage Your Feelings If you are feeling angry, depressed, confused, and/or frustrated by the recent terrorist act,  violence and tragedy on U.S. soil perpetrated against our citizens, then you are in the majority of what most Americans are experiencing. Face Your Grief Coming to terms with what we’re feeling means to face a sense of grief. Russell Friedman, executive director of the Grief Recovery Institute, defines grief as the “conflicting feeling caused by a change or an end in a familiar pattern or behavior.” As Americans, we’ve been fortunate in that mass murders have not been commonplace, nor...

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Vaccines and Autism DISconnection:

Is a Current Documentary Leaving Out Important Facts? Clearly, there is no simple explanation for the exact cause(s) of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We know there is a genetic link, but there’s certainly more to the big picture. Experts can rattle off autism-linked genes, but other risks are very hard to pin down. It is thought that a combination of genetic and environmental factors may contribute to differences in the shape and structure of a child’s brain.  Environmental factors such as parental age (of both parents), and pregnant mom’s exposure to toxins such as phthalates (found in cosmetics, skin creams,...

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Critical Details About Your Blood and Sweat—Avoiding Zika

Mosquitoes are attracted to a particular blood type, along with the air of sweat. If you get bit more than others, it’s because you are special. Those pesky insects can sniff you out and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. Female mosquitoes have special receptors, which detect carbon dioxide. Those of us who give off more CO2 than others are the ones who fall prey to the bloodsuckers. People who are overweight and/or hyperactive tend to give off higher levels of CO2. Also, if you just worked out, chances are you’re emitting lots of carbon...

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Your Hair is at Risk: 5 Effective, Simple, Organic Masks

As we age, our hair is at risk of splitting, thinning, graying, or the worst, falling out. You can spend a fortune on over-the-counter products, vitamins, and beauty salon experts. However, there are safe, easy-to-concoct, natural, organic masks you can create and use at home that will strengthen and condition your hair, along with coloring any gray, if you so desire. Here are our five favorites: 1. Egg and Avocado Mask Eggs are rich in protein and help strengthen hair follicles. They also give rise to your smooth hair, making it easy to comb (causing less breakage.) Also, eggs...

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