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Month: May 2016

Look Gorgeous: Add Foundation to Your Make-up Regimen!

Applying foundation can be daunting. We’ve all seen patchy faces, or the lovely lady with a make-up line that definitively ends at her chin and jaw line so when you see her neck it looks like her head is attached to a different body. There are several ways to avoid being stared at (for the wrong reasons) and pointers for getting that flawless-skin look that we aim toattain. Here are some tips for getting foundation use right: 1. After washing cleansing your skin thoroughly, pat it gently with a towel and let it air dry. Then, apply a moisturizer,...

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What’s Holding You Back? It Might Be Yourself!

You don’t have to search far to find endless lifestyle blogs offering advice on style, love, career, health, and more. The Internet abounds with a wide range of seemingly contradictory information. Drink coffee. Don’t drink coffee. Exercise a lot. Exercise a little. The inundation of conflicting information can be pretty overwhelming. And relationships often follow suit. If you’re anything like me, the moment you hear one life experience that has guided an individual’s decision-making for decades, another person shares something completely opposite. How, then, can anyone be expected to move forward and make progress in life? Decision paralysis is...

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Kids…Summer…What Do We/They Do? Ideas for a Productive and Fun Break for Everyone

It used to be (at least when I was a kid), summer was a time to get inventive. Both parents worked, and I wasn’t treated to crafts, sports, or Shakespeare camp. Most summers I was shipped off to my grandparents’ house. One set lived in rural Pennsylvania where I learned to climb trees, avoid bat attacks, and how to flirt with a freckled, similarly aged, pubescent boy who lived up the road. The other set of grandparents lived in bucolic northern Texas where I got to fish, avoid rattlesnakes, and eat the best chicken-fried steak ever known to man....

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Workaholics, Take Notice

Work Hard, Play Hard! This ubiquitous line has endured enough play to become something of a gospel truth these days. If taken at the line’s literal core, however, there isn’t much room left for rest. The very idea of rest has become a topic of much focus. One glance at the top of the New York Time’s Nonfiction Best Sellers list reveals Ariana Huffington’s new tome, The Sleep Revolution. The book takes a good, hard look at what science has to say about developing better sleep habits, and the resulting benefits from doing so. Claire Diaz-Ortiz, an early Twitter...

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Need a Good Cleanse and a Workout? This Outdoor Option could be right for you

Yoga and meditation have progressively become more popular as techniques for refreshing the body, mind, and spirit. Certainly you could meditate on a grassy knoll under a shady tree. But how often are we able to do that? Besides, that’s simply nourishing for the mind. What’s becoming increasingly more trendy as a form of overall mindful exercise is forest bathing. Forest bathing refers to “the process of soaking up the sights, smells and sounds of a natural setting to promote physiological and psychological health.” It’s based on a popular Japanese practice called Shinrin-yoku. It’s more than a nature hike,...

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