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Month: April 2016

Is China buying the American dream for the next generation?

It starts early. Where are you sending Emma to preschool? How about Kindergarten? Children have hardly made their way out of diapers before the school conversation gets started. It’s natural. We want the best for our children. From there it continues at break-neck pace. Have you considered the middle school with career-specific track? I love our high school’s I.B. program, but the private school has a lower teacher-to-student ratio. Did Robert apply early decision to his first choice college? What’s his safety school? We are living in an era of significant educational transformation. The demise of American schools has...

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Are You the Queen of Gas? How To Get Rid of Belly Bloat

The Big, Bad Bloat Have you ever begun to put on a pair of pants, and instead, quickly opted for leggings and a big shirt? Feeling bloated (belly bloat), is something, unfortunately, we all know and bemoan. There are a few main reasons why our bodies decide to jut out around the beltline so unappealingly. Luckily, by making a few changes, you can squelch the puff and continue to aim for that flat tummy. One cause for belly bloat is wolfing down your meal like you’re a contestant returning from a month-long stint on Survivor. Digestion begins in your...

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Liver Spring Cleaning: Recipes to Help You Empty the Trash and Start Fresh

The winter holidays seem like a blur at this point. But, so do a lot of other things. Brain fog, sluggishness, and unwanted bloat can be natural consequences from “unnatural” eating and drinking. Now that spring has sprung, it might be the perfect time to detoxify and put the giddy-up back into your trot. (And we’re not horsin’ around!) No need to groan at the thought of a cleanse. Fasting and barely surviving on juicing are no longer the wisest options if your goal is to unclog painlessly, shed a few pounds, and get a nice, new, healthy routine...

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Allergy Survival Guide: 7 Tips on How to Survive Allergies This Year

Allergy season – watery eyes, the sniffles, sore throats and more. For some, depending on where you live, your season may already be in full swing. For others, your turn is just around the corner… No one enjoys allergies…except perhaps the drug makers who rely on consumers to stock up on allergy meds many need to survive the season. What Can We Expect This Allergy Season? Due to the mild winter, spring has sprung sooner than usual. This couldn’t have come as a surprise. I mean, you did notice Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction on Groundhog Day this year, right? No...

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Hummus, Pita, and a Pint of Ale: Surprising New Foods on Pub Menus

The vegan movement needs no introduction. Meatless diets have been gaining traction for some time, with continued progress expected. Now vegans can meet and be treated to their favorite foods—in pubs! British vegetarians are definitely on to something. In London, pubs proudly carrying menus offering plant-based foods are quite popular. In New York City, vegan pubs are becoming trendy, too. People enjoy the pub atmosphere, drinking alcohol, but also want to be able to eat dishes that suit their food-style of choice. More than a diet, however, veganism is something of a lifestyle. Many celebrities actively share their vegan...

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