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Month: September 2015

The Ship Has Sailed: New Navy Fitness Program

New Navy Numbers: The Navy is working on making some adjustments to sailors’ fitness assessments. These new assessments are increasing body fat limits and even reducing punishments for sailors who struggle with maintaining healthy levels. Realistic Remedies: The goal of these new fitness assessments is to help sailors who are struggling to stay fit with their overall health. The focus is moving away from punishments and more on success. Many believe that these new parameters are more realistic. Less Focus on Failure: The new pilot program, which is scheduled to launch this coming fall, will assess all sailors’ physical abilities rather than...

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Girl Fighting Cancer After Months of Misdiagnosis

A 16-year old athlete complained about pain and was told she had pulled muscles; in fact, she is riddled with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Better Late Than Never: Fortunately for Melissa Sutton of the UK, an eventual x-ray revealed a collapsed lung. That image led surgeons to discover her true diagnosis: Ewing Sarcoma. Had they detected the cancer much later, she wouldn’t have had a chance of survival. Righting the Wrong: Melissa has undergone most of her 15 rounds of chemo. She will also have extensive radiation treatment. Melissa had 10 different doctor visits within her medical care group...

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Recycling Worker Dies From Chlorine Explosion

Last week 50 workers were exposed to chlorine gas released from a cylinder; eight were in critical condition—now one man has died. Green To Yellow: In a factory in Washington, where recycling, and crushing for scrap metal occurs daily, a one-ton canister of chlorine exploded into a yellow cloud of gas. The plant rarely sees these canisters, and if they do, they are always empty. No one can say where the cylinder came from. Blue: The company and its employees are saddened and send their condolences to the family of the man who lost his life in the accident....

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Mining Sludge Contaminates River

What happens when metal mines become defunct? Where does the waste remain? Is it toxic? These are all the questions environmentalists are asking. Not a Typical Gold Rush: Over three-million gallons of mining sludge were unleashed into a river from a shutdown gold mine in Colorado. It was the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who was at the site, cleaning, when the disaster occurred. Poor Gold Fish: A clean-up crew said the Animas River’s PH levels were back to normal after a week, but truly, toxins will remain in the water for years. Humans have been warned not to bathe, swim, or...

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Woman Loses Limbs From Tick Bite

An Oklahoma woman had her arms and legs surgically amputated to keep a bacterial infection from reaching her internal organs. Time Was Tick-Ing: Jo Rogers knew something was wrong just a few days after she’d been bitten. She had a headache, fever, and sever stomach cramps. Shortly thereafter, her arms and legs were in extreme pain and started turning blue. Her blood was poisoned.   Test Results… finally revealed that Rogers had contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick bite. Doctors continued to perform surgery removing parts of limbs to save her life from the spread of the...

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