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Month: July 2015

Which Drunk Are You?

According to research based on a study of 374 undergraduate students, there are four different types of drunks. They categorize as: Hemingway, Mary Poppins, Nutty Professor, or Mr. (Ms.) Hyde. Three Sheets to the Wind. The “Hemingway” group, which comprised almost half the drinkers, were drunks who could handle their alcohol. They didn’t become too unorganized, didn’t start fights, and didn’t change character invariably-just like Ernest Hemingway. Jeckyl or Hyde? Almost 25% of the group had personality changes, mostly hostile and less responsible. These Hydes were actually half of the women and half of the men. Up, Up, and Away. Fifteen percent were Mary Poppins, sweet as...

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Can We Make Vacations Last Longer?

Evidence proves that there are ways to make the happiness derived from our vacations last longer than the trip. Planning Makes Perfect- It’s suggested that planning ahead adds an anticipatory effect to your trip. Choosing a place that is unique to your taste also makes a difference. Being on a budget is fine; any money spent on an experience allows the vacation to live on through storytelling and conversation. Start to Finish- Start your trip the simplest and most relaxed you can manage. Studies show that people who remember their trips the fondest recall the beginning as being great. The same premise exists for the end...

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